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'Matices de tu Mirada' Book and Print by Maria Daniel Balcazar

'Matices de tu Mirada' Book and Print by Maria Daniel Balcazar

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Signed first edition book

- Reflective mirror hardcover

- 86 fine art documentary photos

Signed 8.5x11” archival pigment print

Matices de tu mirada (Nuances of your Gaze) is a visual narrative, inspired by Puerto Rico's poet Julia de Burgos (1914-1953). 

Balcazar honors with her black and white images the Puerto Rican poet who fought for women’s emancipation from the most intimate spheres to the broadest social scope.

For seven years I was portraying with my lens the life and work of the great poet through the faces of women from Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Brazil, Bolivia, the Amazon and the United States. Each of these women remembers the fight for equality, freedom, justice and the emancipation of women, from the most intimate point of view, just as the great Julia de Burgos did.” 

- Maria Daniel Balcazar



Maria Daniel Balcazar is a Bolivian-American documentary and fine art photographer. Her projects focus on the universality of traditions and symbols, the vitality of syncretism, and the beauty and the extraordinary in daily life. She has studied painting, communication, languages, and photography. Her work has been exhibited in Galleries, Museums, and in Universities in Bolivia, Peru, Brazil, and the United States.

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