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'Heirs of the Dawn' (Herederos del Alba) by María Daniel Balcázar

'Heirs of the Dawn' (Herederos del Alba) by María Daniel Balcázar

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Heirs of the Dawn  (Herederos del Alba)

The ancient inhabitants of Oruro, Bolivia, named their land uru-uru, meaning the place where the light is born. They called themselves "beings of the dawn". Their legacy is woven into the work of artisans, who through their art, revive the soul of the Andean and European deities and the memory of the African slaves. These artisans, musicians and dancers are the living recollection of their roots, culture and pre-colonial history. The resistance of indigenous beliefs and their ability to preserve and adapt their culture throughout history has led to syncretism and many mixed legends The Carnival of Oruro is one of Bolivia's richest cultural manifestations.

First Edition

Size 8''x9.5''


117 pages

January 2021

In collaboration with Burn.Books / Burn Magazine

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