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Death in Venice - Panos Skoulidas

Death in Venice - Panos Skoulidas

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I love the smell of urine in the morning, it reminds me of North Venice beach. The first place in America where a woman could wear a bathing suit in public, a man could go without a hat, where a person could pee in public without being arrested. The place where Kerouac , Burrows and John Wilber spoke while Charlie Parker played saxophone, where Morrison and Krieger pondered the doorway to the other side, where Charlie Chaplin built a ginger bread court for his mother, and W.C. Field’s one for himself. Where you could get alcohol during prohibition, heroin during the fifties and sixties, crack in the eighties, and Meth in the new millennium. Where art meets crime. Where Arnold made pumping iron into Gold. Where you can see a man balance a stove on his chin while juggling chain saws. Break-dancing, roller-skating, and of course skate boarding. The slum by the sea, Dog Town.

It's a Gonzo attempt/dive into what's left from that intriguing BEATNIKS world.

- Robin G. Brown


publication date: May 2015 in an edition of 1000
ISBN: 978-0-9837864-7-4
first edition
size: 11" x 17" (43.2 cm x 28cm)
68 pages
paper: Favini uncoated 70gr
photographs: Panos Skoulidas
design: Anton Kusters
production: Diego Orlando
printed by Grafiche Antiga, Italy
published by BurnBooks
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