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Mono No Aware - Limited Edition - Anton Kusters

Mono No Aware - Limited Edition - Anton Kusters

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(limited edition version - 50 copies, numbered and signed, including 3 edition prints that are not reproduced in the book.)

Finally it's here. I'm proud to present to you a new book: Mono No Aware.

Mono no aware is quite different from Yakuza. It's a leap. It's based on a thought rather than a story (if that makes any sense). It's actually a Japanese term used to describe an awareness of passing moments of life (read more about that here).

The book itself is quite different too, and completely assembled by hand: when you open the hardcover, you'll see inside there's no traditional binding at all, but rather 4 LP record style sleeves stitched together, each with a 2.5 meter (8 feet) long "harmonica" folded chapter of the book inside. And then there's a page that folds around all this, keeping everything in place, providing context.
Here's the introduction text:

Once in a while, my body decides my mind needs to take a moment to stare into the distance – preferably through a window.
When I go out the door, I feel more at ease carrying in my pockets a tiny wooden airplane, a coin, a ••••• •• ••••••, and a cherry pip.
Whenever I feel that tiny sadness for the beauty of things passing, I try to make images.
Somehow, it feels like a profoundly important thing to do.
As if I want to keep those moments; in a way give them more time than they had,
until I’m ready to let go. 

So there you go.

I'm again standing naked before you... presenting yet again a little piece of what's inside my mind. I hope you like it.

- Anton Kusters


publication date: July 15, 2014
ISBN 9789491270000
first edition
size: 200mm x 260mm (or 7.9″ x 10.2″)
64 pages, full color
paper: Arctic Volume High White 115, 150 & 250g/m2
cover paper: Eska Black 1.25mm
32 principal images of the MONO NO AWARE project
photographs and design by Anton Kusters
photo editing by Diego Orlando
printed by Grafiche Antiga, Italy
published by zabrozas* (anton kusters)
supported by burn magazine
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