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Original work by Paolo Pellegrin, Alisa Resnik and Bruce Gilden and others to be seen now first.

Burn 02 is not a repeat of Burn online. Burn 02 is its own original work. A 1500 copy limited editon. Online is terrific, but when you hold 02 in your hand, you will know what photography is all about from our perspective. The place to be published for sure.

Designed and printed and bound with loving care in Italy by the very best, you will quickly see why there is pride all around.

We are the photo equivalent of the garage band. Can this last/should this last? No. There is a curve on any creative endeavor. We are not at the peak yet. When we get there, then we will do something else and start the whole process over again. Could be an evolution, or could be a revolution. So let’s enjoy this moment. Now is the time to appreciate what we have, seek out new ways of doing things, celebrate our mutual language and push it just as far as we can possibly go.

ISBN 978-0-9837864-0-5
Published by Burn.Books September, 2011
Creative Direction and PhotoEditor: Diego Orlando
Design and Layout: Andrea Barbato
Printing and Binding: Grafiche Antiga, Italy

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