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Beer, Bait & Ammo – Michael Loyd Young (Softcover)

Beer, Bait & Ammo – Michael Loyd Young (Softcover)

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BEER, BAIT & AMMO is the second book in Michael Loyd Young's chronicle of the American south.

A Southerner, by definition, is an American who lives in the south. It's more than that...from Texas to the Carolina's the south is a way of life. Considered Rednecks, Bubbas and Good Old Boys they live by an unwritten code. If you kill it, you grill it. If you catch it, you fry it. If you meet someone in a bar, you buy them a beer. An outsider is not a stranger, he's your neighbor. 

Music still comes out of jukeboxes in the ice houses and honky tonks. Bait shops that sell everything from beer to picked eggs dot the landscape from one end to the other. Motor Courts and RV Parks welcome travelers who venture away from the franchised interstate. Two lane black top roads stretch across the south connecting the small towns' main streets where Family owned diners serve home cooked meals with a smile.

American flags are proudly displayed on store fronts and school yards. Freedom has a special meaning and change doesn't come easy. Most are desperately holding on to their past. This is the backyard. - Michael Loyd Young

*Michael Loyd Young has been a major contributor to the Emerging Photographer Fund since 2008.  Profits from the sales of BEER, BAIT & AMMO will go back to BurnBooks to help with our operating costs.


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first edition
XX pages, black & white
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photographs: Michael Loyd Young
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published by burn.books
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