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The pitch: to the point… BURN.01 is available for online purchase as of now… yes, i am selling this new book and proud of it… the best work of the audience here on Burn is featured along with a smattering of iconic legends…. 25 photo essays by both legends and emerging photographers alike… and two thought provoking  text pieces….. above, holding copies of the 300 page, printed in Italy, collector edition (1000 copies) are my students from the loft workshop which I do every year right here… frankly, a typical class for me and my Burn demographic…. the best of times for all… the photographers above will present their work on Friday evening right after the Bruce Davidson show right here in my apartment… see announcement below..

The are two choices below for payment… editions are the same… we just are trying to keep the shipping costs to you as low as possible in the same way we priced out the production quality and sales price… this is a good deal… no businessmen among us..

Even though BURN.01 is not inexpensive, it is the very best we could do, and even at this price the only way we could do this special edition was with support from a few individual donors here, who prefer to remain anonymous…. the donors here go un-named but they have been dream donors…. zero requests….. they like Burn as it is and fund for that reason…. and one of the most generous donors is from the readership here, whom I have never even met, nor Anton… no questions, no interview….

So both Anton and I are very proud of our businesses relationship between you and us…. hell, everybody works for free… Anton Kusters, Haik Mesropian, Anna Barry Jester, Diego Orlando, Mike Courvoisier, Kerry Payne, Michelle Smith, Germana Lavagna, … hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of theoretically salaried work… no joke…. these are smart folks…. so I gotta pay em…… eventually… sooner rather than later…and, oh yes, do not forget we pay the photographers who are published on Burn…..

So please, if you feel anything about Burn at all, sponsor this book and help us out in whatever way you can.. damn, this has been a ride from the beginning… right? anybody who knows Burn from the outside/inside knows that we are an open book……. our crew worked hard…Anton on design of course, Diego rode the presses watching over every detail, Anna did all the research etc… everybody did their bit

Here is my belief:

I think YOU will make BURN.01  a classic just by buying it…. 1000 copies in the first edition…so, c’mon help revolutionize the biz just by buying BURN.01… think about it…. rightfully and respectfully honors the icons, but mostly celebrates the young leading edge photographers of tomorrow… who can argue with that one?

I do hope to see some of you, but not all of you, at the Davidson/student/Burn.01 launch (see below)… I will give you the show of shows…. but then again, I will bet you already know that….


BURN. 01 limited edition
Published by Burn Magazine on August, 2010
Curator and Publisher: David Alan Harvey
Creative Direction by Anton Kusters
Editors: Anna Maria Barry-Jester and Diego Orlando
Printed in Italy by drbartstudio

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