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Rio de Janeiro. Ipanema Beach. I had been working with Wilson Crispim, a parkour artist, who is a photographer and friend. He had just made about 8 super jumps for me. The shoot was over. He said he was exhausted and could not make another jump. I told him fine. We were done, I had the shot. Many thanks. So I was just shooting my friends on the beach, Paolo and Gabriella. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Wilson running to make another jump. I stayed focused on the couple and just made this one frame. I’ve learned that things are never over until they really really over. 


This Limited Edition museum quality print is temporarily available from February 5-9, 2016. This print is not limited by quantity, but by time.

Print Details

Fuji X100T Capure

Archival Pigment Print

Signed: on the front by David Alan Harvey

Size: 20X24" paper - image will be 22" on it's longest side

Printed on: Epson Ultra Premium Photo Paper Luster

Printed by: master printer Michael Courvoisier.


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