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"Mesquite" by Michael Loyd Young

"Mesquite" by Michael Loyd Young

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Michael Loyd Young has shot pictures all over the world, yet his books are always about is backyard. A mirror of the culture where he grew up as in "BLUES, BOOZE AND BBQ" or the lifestyle he has adopted shown in "BEER, BAIT & AMMO". His visual trilogy is capped now with "MESQUITE" a warm tribute to the Texas Hill Country where Mike now lives. All of Young's books are visual poems depicting what is in front of him. Travel stimulates yet home dominates. 

Publication date: October 2017
First edition 
ISBN: 978 0 9837864 9 8 
Photographs: Michael Loyd Young
Design & production: Diego Orlando
Printed by Grafiche Antiga, Italy
Published by Burn.Books

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